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Post Script (better known as PS)

I’m also grateful for a good cry. Although I may not be able to breathe the rest of the day.

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Focusing on Gratitude

I had a pity party yesterday. I called my husband and asked if he wanted to attend, but I got the answering machine. I was the only one at the party. It wasn’t that fun. I just sang a few … Continue reading

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Whining in the Wind

I literally cannot get used to this wind! In TX, my allergist told me if it’s a windy day, to stay in the house! Period, end of story. Well, my allergist never had to come to Edwards, CA in the … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends

CV is home sick today. She’s running a fever and woke us up coughing. I have a bit of a cough too and didn’t sleep worth a hoot. I’ve been doctoring both dogs for several days now. Sissy, the min … Continue reading

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Today I am thankful for:1. my neti pot — it kept me from getting really sick, once again2. for quiet when the kids are at school — I love these kids with all my heart and soul, but I am … Continue reading

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Something I didn’t know about Teresa

I didn’t know my sister Teresa’s favorite bible verse until after her death. It was Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” I got this version of the verse out of my son’s King James … Continue reading

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I’ve always heard that things are bigger in Texas. Whoever first said that has never seen the crows on Edwards Air Force Base in CA! I tell you, these things could carry off a small child! They’re about the size … Continue reading

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Rough Day

Despite the fact that I’ve talked to my dear Aunt Joan and my dear friend Beth, today has been a rough day for me and it’s only about 3:30 PM. I feel crummy. My foot hurts like a son of … Continue reading

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The Clean Up Begins

Really the clean ups began even before the funerals. You know, the emotional baggage you have to sort through when you lose someone close to you. For that matter, there is very often emotional baggage when anyone you know dies, … Continue reading

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Cousin Mike

My cousin Mike is someone I admire very much. He paid for his own education. Working until he had enough money to go to school for a while and then going back to work when he ran out. He did … Continue reading

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