In Memoriam

My beautiful sister died suddenly yesterday. Teresa Lee was a strong woman. She’d had scoliosis and three surgeries late in life for and because of it. Three beautiful children and a good marriage to Jay. Teresa and I had not always had a good relationship, but thankfully, several years ago we grew very close. We finally had the loving sister friendship we had each always wanted. She was courageous. She was a fighter. She stood up for her beliefs and she told you what she thought. She loved hard. She was a truly good person. I’m going to miss her more than I can put into words.
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  1. Tracey says:

    OH SHARON!!! My heart aches for your losses at this time. I honestly don't know what say or think! I am glad that you & your sister made amends. Here's something that I found very comforting: "The LORD is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those who are crushed in spirit." ~ Psalm 34:18. Still praying for you, friend! (tracey'jewel'in ohio)

  2. Cat says:

    I'm so, so, sorry for your loss. I lost a brother a year ago so I can relate to what you are going through. There is nothing anyone can do really to help you heal..healing comes with time. Remember all the good and continue to love your sister as if she were here because she certainly is in spirit. Talk to her and think of her…this will help you and her. I wish I could tell you it is a dream and that she is still here…this is always the kind of news we want to hear in this situation, but alas that is not possible. So love the ones who are with you and be as happy as you can. Life always surprises us both with good and bad. We just have to roll with it…it is worth it. Take care, Cat (TheDoorHunter)

  3. Dear Sharon,I don't know why we sometimes sustain multiple losses, close together, that make us nearly collapse. It happens to people much more frequently than it should. We haven't met, but we share a friend in Jan Thompson. I just want to say how terribly sorry I am for the holes left in your life by the loss of your sister, and daughter in law. I know you can barely see your way through the sadness right now, but it sounds as though these two women knew you loved them, and that is so very important. All my sympathy is with you, Michele

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