Odds and Ends

CV is home sick today. She’s running a fever and woke us up coughing. I have a bit of a cough too and didn’t sleep worth a hoot.

I’ve been doctoring both dogs for several days now. Sissy, the min pin (miniature pincher) had to have 14 teeth removed! We thought she was going in for a cleaning and one tooth removal, but when they got in there, they could see roots and all kinds of bad things. Needless to say, she’s feeling much better and she’s loving the soft food she’s now eating. Angel (the Chihuahua puppy) had an ear infection. She’s doing better too because she’s starting to fight the medication. That’s always a good sign.

They’ve been blasting these emergency tests on the P.A. systems around here today and last Friday. It’s been so long since I’ve even lived in an area where you could hear a public emergency test that it’s taken me a second to get my bearings each time. The last one was for earthquakes! I’ve never heard that one before, being a Texan and living in the south my whole life. All I know about earthquakes is to get in a doorway. I’m sure I’d be too busy getting kids into doorways though to fool with it myself.

Today, I’m cleaning out the kitchen cabinets that have thus far been devoted to old children’s school papers, toys and other assorted oddities. I’ve cleaned out two large drawers so far. Found CV’s birth certificate in one of them in among crayons and old Valentines and broken party favors. I’ve thrown away most of the stuff I’ve laid my hands on. I’m now into the largest lower cabinets. I’ll be able to put away all those pots and pans that didn’t have homes after I finish this one.

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