Whining in the Wind

I literally cannot get used to this wind! In TX, my allergist told me if it’s a windy day, to stay in the house! Period, end of story. Well, my allergist never had to come to Edwards, CA in the spring to help out after his daughter-in-law died. It’s been so windy that I’m getting sick. It was very windy today and it’s supposed to be very windy again for the next three days! Of course this is after a couple of days of high winds last week. Now, you may think I’m kidding about this, but when my son and his little family first got here, my youngest granddaughter, CL almost blew away when they were all going from the Commissary to the car after buying groceries! She’s a skinny little thing and the wind was carrying her away from her folks. She was a few yards away before they realized there was a problem, her cries for help were being carried away by the wind too, so they didn’t even hear her.

The main problem with me getting sick at this time is that my son wants us to take the kids to the San Diego Zoo on Saturday. I love this idea. Unfortunately, I do not get over being sick quickly. I normally develop bronchitis when I get a cough (years of living with smokers — I do not recommend this!) and the bronchitis cough can last for months. Anyway, in an effort to stay well, I’m going to bed. I wish you all good dreams and happy health.

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  1. pam q says:

    Hope you get to feeling better soon!And don't have to miss the zoo.I'm at my Mom's now—will check in with ya as I can…..

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