A LIttle Change for the Blog Look

As you may have noticed, I changed the photo in my blog banner. I’ve had the blog for a while and I just got a little tired of seeing the same quilt for so long. This one is a miniature quilt that I made for the Quilter’s Guild of Dallas “Quilt Celebration” live auction that was held last March. If I remember correctly, my friend Bonnie won the quilt in the auction. I think the quilt ended up being about 12 inches square. I called it Stormy Weather. It reminded me of the ocean and beach and all the colors you’d see when you can see a storm building out in the distance over the water. I loved these two pieces of hand painted fabrics that I bought from Mickey Lawler. I have a lot of the larger “light” piece left. The “dark” fat quarter is pretty much gone. Here is a photo of the complete quilt. I’m sure I’ve had it here before, but I thought I’d put it on again since you only see part of it in the banner. The machine quilting is mine and not very good. I am not a talented machine quilter, but hand quilting this little beauty did not work. I had to rip it out and go to the machine.

I love to make miniature pineapple quilts from 2 fat quarters of batik or hand painted fabric! It is always amazing to me how they turn out. Two fat quarters is enough to make the nine blocks. It is not enough to add borders, binding or the back. So, if you decide you want to try it and want to use one of the fabrics that are in the center for your borders and binding, get half of a yard of that one. You’ll need another fat quarter for your back. Yes, just one yard of fabric and you could make a wonderful little pineapple quilt. There will be enough left over backing fabric for a hanging sleeve too. Enjoy!

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  1. pam q says:

    Well, it would take a little more than one yard of fabric for me to make a little quilt….I would need something like skill….heehee!LOVE the new banner!!!!When I arrived on your blog tonight, I just went ooooooo!!!!!!!

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