Quilt County has miniture quilt auction to benefit North TX Food Bank

My friends at Quilt Country in Lewisville, TX are having an online miniature quilt auction to benefit the North Texas Food Bank. The link to the auction is here. The auction ends July 11th at 3 P.M. CDT. I hope you’ll check it out and possibly put a bid in for one of the little gems. If you’re unsure as to whether or not you want to help out, go read the article that inspired the ladies at Quilt Country. Picture these children as children you know. Help if you can, but if you can’t help here, then please donate to your local food bank. I’m sure they are all hurting in this economy.

I’ve already put a bid in on one quilt and am seriously wanting to bid on several others. Miniature quilts are very collectible and can be quite addictive — kind of like trying to stop eating potato chips. As I write this, I can see 4 minis on the walls in front of me. I know there are 4 that are “resting” off of the walls at the moment and several others that are on walls that I can’t see from here. One day, I’ll take a photo of all of my minis to show you all.

I’m hoping that Quilt Country will have this auction annually. They have been collecting food annually, so I know that the North Texas Food Bank is a charity of choice for them. I was not able to donate a miniature quilt to be auctioned off since I was in CA with no sewing machine, fabric or other supplies at the time that they put the call out for minis. Sometimes life gets in the way of the things we’d really like to do. The food bank is a great organization to help. As much as I want to help people in other parts of the world (and I will continue to do so) I want to help our people here in our own backyard as much, if not more. There is no excuse for a child in the United States being hungry. There is no excuse for any person in the United States being hungry. We can stop this, but we need many of us to do it. Every little bit helps. Every single dollar given to the North TX Food Bank feeds 4 people. That is amazing. One dollar equals four meals!

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