Headaches of a Different Kind

I have one of those built in anti-theft alarms on my little PT Cruiser. I’ve always thought that was really cool. It lowered my insurance rates a bit and gave me an added bit of peace of mind. Well, I found out last night that that peace of mind only works if they actually attempt to open the door of the car! If they smash in a driver’s side window, for instance, the alarm just sits there silent. A fat lot of good that does when they smash, grab and run! So, today I have lots of glass to clean up, a car window to replace, an insurance agent to call, a police report to make (in all likelihood), I’ll have to take my car to the dealership with all these grandkids in tow and I no longer have a GPS to help me find the place!

I’m sure I had taken it off the window. I’m not sure I had unplugged it. Unfortunately, I did leave it in the car. The car was parked on the street to make it easier for my son to get in and out of the garage for work. We think one of the neighbors did it.

The silver lining to all of this is that even though moving is a pain in the butt, my son is even more determined to move on base. I am happy about that. Maybe we should just pack some of this stuff back up until they get there.

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