Yet Another One

My son’s car died for the LAST time yesterday afternoon. If he decided to repair it again, it would be the third time since mid-May. Plus he had paid to have it gone over and some repairs done in preparation of the drive to TX before the break downs even started! Throwing good money after a bad car has to end at some point. That’s not to say that it’s always been a bad car. “Sweetie” has been a pretty good car for a good long time actually. They got this car pretty soon after they got married 11 years ago. I think that’s a pretty good life span for a car nowadays, myself.

So, the car shopping has started and my poor little broken windowed car is the one in use until one is found. Speaking of my car (who is fondly named PTunia), she will get her window repaired tomorrow. I will also get my new GPS tomorrow. All will be right with my world again, pretty much.

Saturday is CL’s 8th birthday. There should be good news and fun photos on the horizon for you all. Until next time, take care.

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