A LIttle Good News

PTunia has new driver’s side glass.

I have a new GPS, even though it was not covered by my insurance (it had to be permanently affixed to the car to be covered), I am happy to have it. Just being able to get around a new area will be worth the cost to me and ease my mind. I will probably have to invest in a larger purse though. I don’t think it will fit in the one I have.

My son got the paperwork that he needed to get the kids into daycare. Being a single parent, in the military, he had to have written prof of his back up system should he be deployed. He couldn’t even get his kids into daycare without it, which is why I had to come up this week. Now, he has it. Proof of the three people who are willing and able to step up and step in if the need arises. Hopefully, he’ll have them in some sort of daycare situation tomorrow and I’ll be free to leave after CL’s birthday on Saturday.

My son is, as I write this, out shopping for a new car. I have no real idea of what he’s looking for other than a car that at least 5 people can fit into, is dependable and has room for all of the junk that 3 kids and a dog require when traveling. The Impala felt more than a little crowded on the way here from CA. I wish him luck. Until next time, take care.

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