I’m Home for a few Days

I came home a couple of days earlier than I had originally planned when I left home. My son managed to get the kids enrolled in daycare earlier than I had expected. Mostly due to the fact that Angie got the paperwork she needed to sign early on Wednesday morning and was able to send it back out to us the same day. We got the paperwork on Thursday and he enrolled the kids on Friday. They start tomorrow. So many changes in all of their lives!

My son bought his new car too. I forgot to take a photo of it, but I will next time. It’s a Hyundai Tucson and I am in love with it! I tried to get him to switch cars with me, but for some reason, he just wouldn’t go for it. Wonders never cease!

On Friday, son, the kids and I went out to eat burgers. You may know (or remember) that I am allergic to beef, which gives me migraines and makes me itch, so I haven’t had a beef hamburger since I discovered this almost 2 years ago. I was really craving a burger and had decided that we’d just go somewhere that served bison on Friday night. Well, it wasn’t as easy to find as I thought it would be. But I did find a place called Irma’s Burger Shack in OK City that served beef that had been raised naturally with no pesticides, hormones or other stuff added. It comes from a small private heard at the No Name Ranch right there in OK. I’d been thinking for a while that it is really the things that have been added to beef that I may actually be allergic to and not the beef itself. So, I decided to chance it and try a “no name” burger. The last time I ate beef, I had a migraine within 30 minutes and was itching all over my body within 15 minutes. I ate the “no name” burger at Irma’s and didn’t realize until we were home that I was having no symptoms at all! I didn’t even get a migraine the next day, which was possible also.

Friday night, after our burger dinner, the girls and I baked 22 cupcakes for #2’s 8th birthday the next day. It was after 9:30 PM when they came out of the oven, so we waited until morning to frost them. Originally, #2 wanted strawberry frosting on chocolate cupcakes. Her sister, #1, said she didn’t like strawberry, so #2 changed the frosting to red, white and blue. Now, I didn’t quite understand how #1 didn’t like strawberry since she’ll practically knock you down to get to eat fresh strawberries when they are in the house, but I have a few oddities myself, so OK. The next morning we divided the frosting into three bowls and added food coloring into two of them — attempting to make red and blue frosting. We did get a light blue, but never added quite enough red food coloring to make red. We ended up with pink as you can see by the photos. The cupcakes were then topped off with chocolate sprinkles.

Number 2’s party was going to be held in a park, at noon, outside, in the hot. And I do mean HOT. So, I asked permission to skip the party and go on home. Everything I had come up to do was done. I was ready to go and let this little family get used to being on their own. I think they were really pretty ready too.

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