Full of Love

I’m about to head down to my brother-in-law’s place to go through my sister’s belongings before any are sold and help with them if I can. Not going to be an easy few days for me, or any of us, I’m sure. I still have trouble grasping the concept that my sister is even gone. Truly gone. I miss her so very much. It’s still a physical pain for me — when I allow myself to really think about Teresa and her not being on this earth with us any longer. So, today before I leave, I wanted to post the photo of my heart rocks. I purchased them. They were found on the shore. Shaped by the sea. I love them. The heart shape symbolizes love and what can be more fascinating than a sturdy rock beat by the sea into the shape of a heart. Today it will remind me to act out of love. And I will also try to keep joy in my heart. Take care.

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  1. Tracey says:

    Those are beautiful rocks, without a doubt. They have so much meaning, aside from being shaped by the shore. Blessings to you as you travel w/heartache….

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