Day 2 — 29 Girfts in 29 Days

Today’s gifts have been simple and from the heart. I bought my son two types of tea that I’ll be sending him when I return home. He’s recently been drinking hot tea. Things like chamomile blends to help him relax. I found a couple of organic flavors that are for stress relief and relaxation that I thought he might like to try, so I got them both. I also treated my momma to a strawberry banana smoothie drink thing from Starbucks. I bought myself a bar of lavender soap and later bought a book and two purses. They were on sale, 2 for the price of one. I’ve never had 2 purses that I could use for everyday before. I bought the gifts today, even the ones for myself, with joy and love.

Momma came with me down to my brother-in-law’s place. She wanted to buy the gas on the way down. That was a generous gift to me. Another couple of good things also happened. I was driving just a tiny bit faster than the law allows (5 – 6 mph) and I passed a police officer and a highway patrol car, both with radar set up and neither stopped me. I did decide not to push my luck and I slowed down after that though. My brother-in-law also bought me dinner. I wanted to pitch in, but he wouldn’t take my money.

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