Home and Updates

I had expected this visit south to be heart wrenching. It wasn’t. Mostly is was a good visit with family — my momma, my niece B, my nephews R and S and my brother-in-law Jay.

Mom and I did pick out some things of my sister’s to bring home with us. Our main project, if you could call it that, turned out to be to make sure Teresa’s kids picked out things they wanted to be sure to keep. Things that were in the areas that were going to be worked on next week. Things that Teresa had owned and used herself or had purchased to sell again in the shop she hoped to have one day. My sister had quite an eye for treasures in junk shops and yard sales. I really wish I had been lucky enough to go on treasure hunts with her. I never got to really. I mean we did go to a Habitat for Humanity shop a couple of times and I bought a lot of great things there. I’m sure she did too, but I never got to go to yard sales with her and I think that’s where she may have really shined.

We were there a couple of days. We talked, we laughed — a lot, we ate some. It was good. I hope I don’t have to wait so long to see them again. It is really good to be home though. I have lots of cleaning plans for my own home. Hopefully they will work out.

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