Days 5 and 6 of 29 days of gifts in 29 days

Do you think I’m bragging about my giving? I promise you that I’m not posting about the gifts to brag in any way. There is a website for posting about the giving and we are encouraged to share our stories of the giving there. I thought by sharing the stories here also, that I might encourage someone else to start their own 29 day challenge. That is my sole motivation for posting about it here. More than likely, I will continue to participate in this giving for more than one cycle, but I doubt that I will post about it daily here after the first round.

Day 5 — I have wanted chickens on my place for years. We would have to keep them penned up or they’d become expensive food for the wildlife around here though and now we have a chicken eating dog too. So, I may never get to own chickens myself. But yesterday I realized I could buy chickens for someone else through Heifer International! Heifer is one of those organizations that I believe is truly wonderful! I’ve wanted to donate to them for a very long time, but I always want to pick an animal I can’t afford and I never will settle for something I can. Well, I can afford chickens, so I just jumped in. The family who gets the chickens will be taught how to care for and raise them properly. When the chickens have offspring, they will give some of them to neighbors and teach them how to care for and raise them also. Those neighbors will then pass the gift along when their chickens have offspring. It’s a gift that eventually helps a whole community.

Day 6 — Today, I wanted to help my friend Yvette. She is an amazing woman! She competes in triathlons and runs marathons to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. In fact, I think she’s even participated in a 100 mile bike ride! The things Yvette does to raise money for this organization are just amazing to me! I’ve never asked her why she does it. I do know that the grandchild of a friend fought Leukemia (and won!), but I don’t know if that is what inspired her. Since she began this, one other grandchild of a mutual friend has fought Leukemia and won and the husband of a mutual friend fought and lost his battle with the disease. As I write this, Yvette is in Switzerland. She’ll be starting an Ironman race that will last 16 hours! It starts at 11 p.m. tonight Central time and ends at 4 p.m. tomorrow afternoon Central Time. This is 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Swiss time. I will be praying for her strength and endurance, but I have also donated money to her next endeavor. Yes, she’s already planning and raising money for her next event. I sure wish I had some photos to share with you of these things. Take care.

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