Let’s just have a little Chat today….

….and maybe catch up on a few things. First, do you remember me telling you about those horrible, scary, huge crows that they had in CA? Well, I managed to get a photo of one in a nest. Just look at this nest! It’s huge. Remember, this is a crow nest. You can enlarge the photo by clicking on it and see it better. I had to take it from my son’s back yard and this was in the back yard of a neighbor. The nest is built on the cover for the patio and I honestly can’t tell if it’s a parent bird or a baby in the nest. I never saw it fly while I was out there. So, it may have been a mother sitting on eggs. Now, to give you some idea of how big those birds are, look at the sticks that the nest is built with. Those are not “twigs”. Those suckers are “branches”! When the photo is enlarged you can see them hanging down under the patio covering. I’m telling you these birds would challenge cars. Never seen anything like it in TX.

Next I have a couple of photos of my son trimming branches off of a mighty pine tree in the back yard there in CA. I wish he had something that shady in his yard in OK. There is no shade at all there for the kids to get out of the heat. It was a beautiful tree. I sure do miss it.

I added photos to the post about my car being vandalized. If you want to see them, click here. I sure have enjoyed driving PTunia again since I’ve been home. I love my little car. Although I’ll have to admit, I am thinking of getting a different vanity license plate. I have to check to see if anything is available in what I’m wanting to say now though. At this point, my hubby and son neither one want to be seen in my car with it’s quilting related plate. That does have some advantages, but I’d like for them to drive it when it needs to be driven. That is only one reason for the new tag thoughts though.

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