Ohhh, I’m bad, bad

That’s what my oldest granddaughter used to say when she was first learning to talk. She’d say something was “bad, bad” instead of just “bad”. I love watching the — dare I say it — tweens — my granddaughters are turning into, but I sure miss the little ones they used to be. I can do so much more with them now and talk to them about so many things, but I miss hearing the precious things that came out of their little mouths as they learned about their world. It’s just not the same as they get older. My middle grandchild, #2 can still just knock me over with laughter with the things that fly out of her mouth and I do believe she will always be that way. So, in some ways I won’t totally lose that wonder, I guess. And little JT is still quite young in many ways. Fun times at all ages.

Anyway, the reason that I am indeed “bad, bad” is that I’m probably going to keep a couple of the jewelry pieces of my sister’s that I had originally intended to give to my sweet cousins. I just don’t know that I’ll be able to part with them. They are funky and fun. They’ll make me think of Teresa and remind me of the things we had in common when so much of our lives were spent in conflict with each other. I try really hard not to think of the wasted years we spent angry with each other over stupid things that meant so little in the long run, but today, for some reason I seem to be dwelling on it. I’m extremely grateful that we made up and became very close to each other, years before she died. I don’t think I’d be able to handle this at all if we had not. It’s so very hard at times, even with that comforting knowledge.

I picked out the earrings, the ring and the silver colored bracelet for myself to begin with. The bracelet says “With God, All Things Are Possible” all around it. The saying is similar to Teresa’s favorite bible verse. So, it will always make me think of her. I’ve had the ring and bracelet on almost nonstop since I picked them out. Teresa and I were both very interested in learning more about making funky jewelry and about natural stones. I love the charm bracelet that is made from an old men’s watch band. What a cool idea! It’s tight on me, but I am ever hopeful that I’ll lose weight and be able to wear it. I love the red stone bracelet too, it’s just not that easy to put on myself. Maybe I haven’t learned the trick yet. The other one just wasn’t comfortable at all on me.

I’ve emailed the first cousin to give her a choice in the other bracelet and a cup and saucer. Whatever she doesn’t pick will be offered to one of her sisters along with a very shallow bowl. After she picks, I’ll see if the last sister wants something and if she does, she gets what is left or I may offer it to Mike. I wish I had thought to get Mike something on his own. Maybe on my next trip down, if there is anything left.

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