Things I Love This Summer

I have a lot of blogs that I check in on. I check on the ones listed to the right of my blog when they are updated, but I have a very long list of blogs in a favorites folder that I check on every other week or so. There are so many wonderful blogs out there! Hula Seventy is one of the ones I check on occasionally. I came across a posting on her blog with a list. I love lists. I make lists all the time. I can’t seem to help myself. I can’t seem to stop making lists. Then I noticed that at the end of her posting it said something about “52 lists”. Fifty two lists! Wow! The thought just made me happy. I had to start reading what she had so far. When I got to her list of 100 things that she loves, I realized that I needed to stop and make a list myself. Here are 100 things I love this Summer:

1. star filled nights
2. cicada music
3. the smell of lavender soap
4. fresh rosemary
5. lightning bugs
6. sudoku puzzles
7. magazines
8. downloading one song instead of having to buy the whole CD
9. wearing my sister’s jewelry
10. tiny white lights
11. honeysuckle
12. all the sounds that fill the night air
13. home made ice cream
14. summer fruits
15. hugs
16. watching kids blow soap bubbles
17. blowing bubbles with the kids
18. bookstores
19. turquoise blue
20. white furniture
21. watching the Texas Rangers play baseball
22. batik fabrics
23. ice cream sandwiches
24. spending time with extended family
25. getting a letter in the mail
26. seeing friends
27. quilt retreats
28. old photos
29. postage stamps
30. greeting cards
31. pink envelopes
32. eating sunflower seeds
33. fresh cut flowers in the house
34. a dark movie theater on a hot day
35. spending time with my sweet momma
36. hearing my grandson say “gramma”
37. talking to my grandkids
38. hearing the laughter of children
39. the smell of watermelon
40. puffy clouds that you can see shapes in
41. people watching
42. reading a really good book
43. getting a call from my son
44. polka dots on just about anything
45. quilts
46. comfy blue jeans
47. the sound of chickens clucking
48. rain on a metal roof
49. a good rocking chair
50. a fresh tomato right from the garden
51. music that makes me want to dance
52. little bitty cowboy boots
53. B’s self-confidence
54. That my son and his kids are in OK now instead of CA
55. blank books
56. acrylic paints
57. shooting stars
58. holding little hands
59. sticky kisses
60. puppy breath
61. hearing a great new song that I immediately want to download that first time I hear it
62. frogs and toads
63. porch swings
64. smores
65. fruit pie
66. home made peach jam
67. hearing “I love you”
68. the United States flag and the Texas flag
69. seeing the Texas state line when I’m driving back into the state
70. yelling “yahoo” at the top of my lungs when I do see the state line
71. bird song
72. smiles
73. a really cold coca-cola
74. the moments that take my breath away
75. antique roses
76. antique shops
77. religious beads
78. glass bowls
79. heart shaped rocks
80. country music
81. oldies (50’s and 60’s) music
82. little bowls
83. hummingbirds
84. frozen margaritas
85. sunsets
86. cool morning air
87. Sunday afternoon naps
88. grilled salmon
89. birdbaths
90. wind chimes
91. sleeping in my own bed
92. road trips
93. address labels
94. old sewing machines
95. thimbles
96. shade trees
97. old mirrors
98. sigg water bottles
99. ceiling fans
100. my GPS

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  1. SE'LAH... says:

    love your list – especially the lightning bugs and windchimes….exhale. ;)thanks for celebrating my birthday with me. you helped make a good day, a great day!one love, always.

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