De-Cluttering My Life

I’ve recently started a long process. The process of de-cluttering my life. I’m starting on my house. I work on the bedroom on the days my hubby is off work. I take on the downstairs when he is working. He works nights and is on a rotating schedule so if he’s off this weekend, he works next weekend and the same goes with the different days of the week. A couple on, a couple off and it rotates. After 7 months, I think he’s finally starting to get used to it. At least the sleeping part of it. We still haven’t quite gotten the chores back into a normal routine yet. It’s hard for an old guy of 51 to adjust to this type of schedule.

And then of course, I’ve been out of town so much this year. Very, unusual for me, but then this has been an unusual year, to say the least. An unusual, difficult, horrible year.

Anyway, back to the de-cluttering. I rearranged the computer/sewing area last night. It took me a few nights just to move things and they are still a mess. Will be for a while. That is the next step in the upstairs project. This is what the computer/sewing area looks like now:

I love it! So much more room than a skinny, flimsy, 4 foot collapsible table. The challenge will be to keep is as clutter free as possible. I have a tendency to clutter. I’m trying to put things on this table that I use all the time. Things that make me happy, and only those things. I’m not finished. I don’t have everything plugged in or cleared away or even cleaned off. But I have started.

Here is a photo of some of my fabric.

There is even more downstairs. I’ve actually gotten rid of three huge tubs of fabric, but I plan to get rid of lots more of it. I’ll also be going through quilting books, novels and just about anything and everything else too. I’m going to get new dressers and get rid of the horrible thing I’ve been using for so very many years that now reminds me of bad times. I may burn the old dresser and dance around it naked and raise some hell. Or I may try to give it away on Craigslist. Right now the bonfire is looking good to me. A ceremony to the new me…a celebration of the uncluttered me…the one who is enough…a celebration of knowing I’m enough and telling anyone who doesn’t think so to take a hike.

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  1. LAURAF says:

    Hey, girlee – lookin' good! R just got home from meeting and we enjoyed "Pray for you" together! Thanks for adding it to your blog! You are a terrific blogger!!! Luv B

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