The Little Things in Life

Sometimes the little things in life bring so much fun and joy. I love post it notes! I love that I can write on them and leave them just about anywhere. I love their wonderful, bright colors. They are f-u-n! I wish I had every single type out there. I just know I need them for something.

The urge for post it notes was strong when I was in Oklahoma the last time. My son was headed to the store and I was going to be watching the kids. I was fighting the desire to go to the office supply store myself later, so I asked him to pick me up some post it notes. I didn’t think I had to specify “bright and fun”. Well, I learned a lesson. These will now be going to his dad. He can use them for everyday, boring whatever he wants to stuff.

Yesterday when I was out running my errands, I ended up in Athens, close to the Office Depot. It pulled me in. I couldn’t stay away any longer. Here are the post it notes that I got.

Don’t these post it notes just make you want to write? Aren’t they happy? Men have a lot to learn about post it notes. Other things that make me happy at the office supply store are college ruled notebook paper and colorful Sharpie pens. I need many more colorful Sharpie pens! Many more. And a very favorite of mine that I actually forgot to photograph is Sanford Magic Rub #1954 erasers. They are the best of the best in my book.

I’d have more to show you, I’m sure, but my friend Beth called while I was there. It’s very hard to shop while talking on the phone. I know I forgot to get the post it “labels”! I’d been drooling over every commercial I had seen of those for weeks. So, I’ll have to go back soon. I love office supply stores all the time, but at this time of year, when everyone is getting school supplies, I just crave them. I don’t have to get school supplies any longer, but I still feel the pull to do it. I guess some things never change.

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