I Get to Wash!

Two years ago, I bought one of those fancy, energy efficient washing machines that is computerized and has a larger capacity drum. It was on the lower end of the line of all of the different ones available, but I was so thrilled to have it. Two weeks ago, I started having the first trouble with it that I’d had since I bought it.

Unfortunately, the trouble I had was major trouble and it was going to cost as much to fix the machine as it would to buy a new one. That really pissed me off! So, I did indeed buy a new one. Momma reminded me that daddy used to say, “the more buttons something has, the more things can go wrong with it”. I switched back to a brand I was more familiar with and went with a more energy efficient model with lots less bells and whistles.

They delivered it today. I’ve been without a working washer for about 2 weeks. You want to talk about a mountain of dirty clothes? I didn’t think so. At least if you want to find me, you’ll know where to look for the next few days. It will take a while to catch up. After all, I can’t wash while hubby is sleeping (he works nights) and I don’t want to wash when it’s dark. I have to go outside to get the laundry room remember. The dogs go berserk until they realize they get to go too. So, it takes a while. The first load is almost ready to come out. More later…..

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