When Creativity Strikes….

I was packing up a couple of things for my *Gift of Jewels* secret friend that I got from Se’lah and her blog Necessary Room this morning. I love to try to spread out the love into more than one package. I’ll have to admit that I don’t think I did very well at this last year, but I learned a lot from it. The person I got last year got several postcards from me, but in reality, I have no idea if she ever got them or not. So, in my wild, pessimistic mind, I fear that she never did. So, this year, I’m sending a little more. Nothing grand or extravagant, just a little more to let my secret friend know that I am truly thinking of her.

So, as I said I packaged up a couple of things and then I realized that the other “thing” I had wouldn’t fit in the little padded envelopes I was using. And then I realized that the only other padded envelope I had was one that I had written an address on ages ago and that it had been too small for the book I had intended to send at the time. I had set it aside hoping that maybe I’d be able to use the same envelope to send something to the same person in the future. Well, that never happened and probably won’t. So, I was setting in front of my computer, pondering what to do when I glanced over to an envelope I had gotten in the mail when my rocks arrived. It was all decorated (mail art!) and I loved it! Creativity struck me like a —- like — like — like something that strikes! (I’m sorry, all I can think of are things like a cobra or a rattlesnake or lightning and I wanted it to be a good strike.) Anyway, I remembered that I had some handy matte gel medium, which I had never actually used, so I grabbed it.

Then I grabbed that envelope that had been laying around so long and a bag of fabric scraps and just went to town. I started in the center and covered the address. That was really all I had planned to do, but I found that I couldn’t stop. Honestly, I’m surprised that I didn’t continue on and cover the whole thing. Come to think of it, I just might!

What do you think? Should I continue on to the back too?

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  1. Tracey says:

    LOL @ the 'good strike.' Very creative – i think it's a good idea to continue on the back – did you? I'm sure you've sent it out by now.

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