Water and Sheets

The water is supposed to be “good” now. I’m trusting in that and have started to use it directly from the tap again to brush my teeth and wash my hands and even to give water to my dogs. I have open bottles of water that I purchased that I’ll use up before I drink the water again myself. I do run it through a Brita filter jug regardless.

I also wanted to tell you that I recently splurged on 500 count 100% cotton sheets. Now, I am a 100% cotton sheet snob and I don’t apologize for it, but I’ve never had any with a thread count that high before. My sister used to tell me that she had some that were 800 count! I’ve never even seen any that are 800 count! I don’t know where she shopped, but it must have been a great find, wherever it was. Anyway, I washed up my new sheets and pulled them out of the dryer earlier today. I went to clean out the lent trap of the dryer to get it ready for the next load I’d be drying and the lent was even soft! I can’t wait to lay my tired body down on those new sheets tonight! Hon–ney. I’ll let you know if I sleep any better on them. (smiling big here)

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