Musings from my Tan Moleskin Journal notes

I was looking at other blogs earlier and came across a book title that I wanted to write down. So I grabbed my handy little moleskin journal, that I carry in my purse. This is where I keep such information. The journal itself is beginning to have a nice feel to it. Kind of roughed up from being jostled around in my purse for so long. It feels a little like a cross between an old paper bag and a little like it’s alive. That may make no sense whatsoever to you, but it does to me and my odd warped imagination.

I started flipping through the pages to find a place to jot down the name of the book and the author, when I noticed lots of things in the journal that were completed. So, I scratched them off as I came to them, somehow thinking this would show me how much room I actually have left in this little book.

Then I came across notes I’d made while visiting my sister last September or October. Those were the last visits I had with her and they were good times with her. I was going through hell and she was so very supportive. We had some good laughs. She told me funny stories that I had intended to blog about and never got around to.

Like the time she was watching her husband’s little brother David for the day and she was going crazy not knowing what to do with him. So, she ended up taking him to McDonald’s 3 times in an 8 hour period! He’s about the same age as my son and I thought back to the time when they were about 7 or 8 and just thought that was hilarious! Poor Teresa. That had to be a tough day.

Then she told me that she had this cat once, I want to say its name was Skittles, that lived in their garage. If I remember correctly, they couldn’t get that cat to come into the house. It was a neighborhood stray they adopted, I believe. Teresa once ran over Skittles twice in one day while she was coming and going! Skittles lived many more years, but I think that was a very painful day for both of them.

I had written down “for Teresa — Thou Shall Not Be a Smart Ass!”. I must have planned to make her an wall quilt with that on it. She would have loved that. And I had this quote written and attributed to her “Even though I’m taking my ADD medication, I’m here, there and everywhere!”. A more true statement was never said. Teresa was always all over the place. I sure do miss her.

Last, but not least, I found this prayer that I had written down. As I said, I was going through a very painful period in my life. For a person, such as myself who has the unfortunate habit of eating her emotions, this prayer could be fitting for any bad day.

“Dear Lord, help my poor bruised soul find peace. There are only so many chips I can eat before I explode. Love, Me”

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2 Responses to Musings from my Tan Moleskin Journal notes

  1. julochka says:

    i use little moleskines exactly in the same way, tho' mine are the slightly bigger kind that have an elastic thingie that holds them closed. like yours, they're full of bloggy notes. and to-do lists and some of the many passwords i have for all sorts of different computers…yay for moleskine!

  2. Tracey says:

    I just carry some ole raggedy 'thing' around in my purse for notes. should get something nicer, but whatever goes on my purse makes things look like hell. Died laughing @ your sister & McDonalds & I love your prayer. Great post!PS: in that patio picture, I love the variety of chairs… 🙂

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