The Mail has been Fun

First there were some postcards from my Postcrossing friends across the globe.  The first one (above) arrived while I was still in Oklahoma.  It’s from Michigan.  The second came today from Poland.

Saturday is when my wonderful, beautiful feather touchstone arrived!  This is where I went to buy the feather touchstone.  Julie has a wonderful blog — Moments of Perfect Clarity and an etsy shop with lots great photos for sale (at this time).   I first heard of Julie and all of her wonderful artistic talents through the *gift of jewels* exchange on Se’Lah’s blog Necessary Room.  So many talented, giving people pass through there.  Be sure to notice her wonderful ( postcard and moo mini cards too!

Monday brought more fun with “Rock My World” love!  What can I say, Kim is a fast favorite of mine and a very talented artist.  Also discovered on the Necessary Room blog.  Check out her blog Queen of Arts to find her etsy shops, rocks and cards.  Talent abounds!  This photo is really pretty horrible.  The colors are much more vibrant than they show here.

Last, but not least, was a treasure of my own making that I had ordered for a dear friend and for myself.  Catherine got hers late last week.  I was going nuts waiting on mine.  But it’s here and now I’m going to read it and then save it for my grandchildren.  The Blog – part one is the first several months of this blog in book form.  Catherine doesn’t have a computer at home and had trouble keeping up with the blog at first.  Actually she still misses quite a bit of my postings now, especially when I get going and post three times in one day, but she does the best she can.  She’s such a close friend, that I actually think of her as my heart-sister.  For the most part, I’ve been very blessed in the sister, sister-in-law, friend department.  Very blessed.
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  1. julochka says:

    i'm so glad it arrived safely and that you're enjoying it! the little braided friendship bracelet was made by my daughter…they have a handicraft class this year at school and they've been learning all kinds of different braiding techniques. she insisted that i use some of her different braids for my stone packages. 🙂

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