Postcrossing Love

I got two postcrossing postcards in the mail today! 

My very first from China.  Sometimes the English translations are not quite “proper”, but I find them endearing and often more loving and perfect than what it should have been.  For instance, his salutation is “Warmly greetings from China.”  I absolutely love that!  So much more than just “warm greetings”.  To me it is just beautiful.  If it had not been for that small mistake in grammar, I would have thought this postcard came from a person living in China who’s first language was indeed English because the rest was written so very perfectly!  The photo on the card is of the Taihao Mausoleum at Huaiyang. 

The next came from Ohio.  She sent a postcard of Niagara Falls.  This is my second Niagara Falls postcard and they are starting to make me want to go there.   

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