My *Gift of Jewels* package has Arrived!

First of all, I must thank Se’Lah over at Necessary Room for hosting this wonderful inter-national love exchange again this year.  I had so much fun shopping for my own gift of jewels to send off.  That experience alone was almost enough.  Almost.  I knew I had something on the way to me too, you see.  So, I waited patiently.  There was no telling where it was coming from with 70 of us from 12 different countries participating.  This exchange of friendship and love was a celebration of the Ethiopian New Year on September 11 and that was the day scheduled for us to mail out our *Gifts of Jewels*.  One reason I joined this exchange was to have something positive to focus on on that particular day.  A day that can be so very sad here in the United States of America for so many.

After last year’s gift to me, I felt that I had to send out a better gift this year.  Tracey sent me a wonderful gift last year and she and I have become friends, which is the best gift of all!  I’m hoping this year will follow in the same vain.  I think I did improve on the gift that I sent out this year over last year, but I think I’m still going to have to up my game for next year!

Today, I received mine in the mail!  Oh my what a wonderful, thoughtful, generous, loving gift it is!  Anyes of the blog Far Away in the Sunshine made a beautiful thank you card for me (can you believe it?  she thanked me for participating!   so sweet!) and sent me three absolutely amazing rocks with encouraging words carved (or etched?) into them.   Peace, Joy and Courage are on stones that are weighty and feel substantial in your hand.  You know they will last through years of holding and rubbing and praying for what they state on their front sides.  Peace is the one I’m most drawn to at this moment.  I will keep it nearest to me as I pray for peace tonight.  I will keep the others near because they are just beautiful and I know I will soon be praying for joy or courage and because I really do love them.

Anyes also enclosed a pamphlet for Ten Thousand Villages (fair trade since 1946!).  I believe this is where she purchased the stones for me.  So, in my opinion she not only gifted me, but also the artisan that etched the stones.  I plan to go to the website and possibly purchase my holiday gifts there this year.  I don’t buy many any longer and I really love it when they can do some good.

Thank you so very much Anyes and Se’Lah.  You have both made my week!

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4 Responses to My *Gift of Jewels* package has Arrived!

  1. SE'LAH... says:

    i am in tears…happy tears. i am spending tonight in prayer…prayer for freedom…and i think i will throw peace in the mix touching. enjoy your jewels and get well love.

  2. Anyes says:

    Sharon, When I read your blog I thought you'd love the rocks for their feel and for what was written on them. Once I sent them though I kept doubting myself so reading you now, I feel relieved and I love that you'll keep them close to you.It's the beginning of a beautiful friendship 😉

  3. Tracey says:

    I'm in tears, too! cause you mentioned me! (LOLOLLLLL!) Just kidding, I did get teary over the whole jewel thing (eternal thanks to beautiful Se'Lah), but more so because of the rocks for you, Sharon. After knowing about your etched rocks & heart rocks – here come more rocks! And the are beautiful indeed; they look smooth, soft & cool like soapstone. A new, beautiful friend for sure. Isn't it funny how we doubt the gifts we send to our jewels? We always say 'I'm gonna REALLY up my gift next time' – at this rate, we'll start sending each other diamonds & pearls!!! (hhhhhaaa!!)

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