Clearing the Decks

As I write this, the Texas Rangers are winning their first playoff game in the American League Division Series against Tampa Bay.  They are beginning the bottom half of the ninth inning and the score is Texas 5, TB 1.  Of course Tampa Bay has one half inning to try to win.  I’ve got my fingers crossed and my Texas playoff hat on!  I haven’t adjusted the size on it yet, so I’m wearing it backwards so that I can see what I’m writing.  * The Rangers won game one!  Woo hoo!  The final score was 5 to 1. 

I don’t remember if I told you how grand-     daughter #2 sleeps in her bed.  Right now, grand-     daughter #1 often sleeps with her in #2’s bed.  Which is in itself, quite tricky since it is a twin sized bed and they are getting fairly big.  Number 1 has done this since their mother passed away.  She’s also insisted on a nightlight because she often has nightmares.  This last time I visited (for grandson’s birthday), the girls each slept in their own beds.  And every single time I went in there to go to sleep in my bed, I got tickled at the way #2 sleeps in hers — which is horizontally.  I took this photo with the flash and in the dark, except for the nightlight.  I didn’t realize the room was such a mess when I did it.  Oh well.

I have a couple of more hearts to show you.  The first is a small rock I found in my walkway as I was going to my car.  It’s small enough to carry in my pocket.  It is a little more defined than the photo shows, but not much. 

The second is something I think is really unusual.  You may need to click on the photo to enlarge it enough to see, but even that may not help.  I had a lot of trouble photographing it.  Another time I wish I had a macro lens on my camera.  It’s part of an eraser.  I put it in my toiletries bag when I headed to Oklahoma this time (it was totally clean, no color on it at all when I left).  I didn’t want to forget it and I didn’t want it to get messed up in my purse.  I use this type of eraser when I work on Sudoku puzzles and mess up and need to erase the puzzle and start over.  I never used it while I was there and I never came across it in my bag.  When I got home, it was sitting on top when I opened up the bag.  And this heart was on it.  There is nothing ink filled in my bag that could have made this heart.  There is nothing in my bag to write or draw with at all.  I don’t know how the heart image ended up on the eraser.  In fact, looking at it closely, it really looks like it’s a double heart.  I hope you can see it. 

On the drive home from Oklahoma, I stopped at one of the “look-  outs” on the way to eat my lunch.  I took a few photos.  This is the one I liked the most. 

The Japanese persimmons are getting darker.  I’m sure I’ll share even more photos of them as they ripen.  They are just beautiful when fully ripe.  Well, I think that ties up the last of the loose ends and takes care of all of my little odd photos.  I’ll have postcards to show you tomorrow.

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