From what I’ve been able to figure out here, all comments have to be approved by me.  So, your comment may sit for a little bit before I realize it’s waiting.  Don’t you worry, I will approve it and it will be posted.  The only ones I won’t approve are the ones that are full of hate.  Fortunately, I’ve never gotten any of those. 

An another comment note, I’m nearing my 500th post!  For that auspicious occasion, I am planning a giveaway.  I haven’t quite figured out the details yet, but it is a good giveaway.  I hope you’ll check back often to be sure you don’t miss out.  I think this post is 491 or so.  Won’t be long now.  *wink*

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  1. Anyes says:

    Sharon, I LOVE your header! Awesome photograph, Did you take it yourself?

    • Thank you! Yes, I did. 🙂 I’ve made this one into a postcard in the past. As I was thinking of my header last night (as I was trying to fall asleep) I thought of it and realized it would probably look pretty good. I’m not quilting as much right now and I’m taking more photographs. It shows more of “me”.

  2. I think I may have fixed it so that comments don’t need to be approved. We’ll see.

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