A Little Fall Color and Postcrossing love

The Japanese persimmons are getting more and more beautiful and ripe.  I don’t care for the taste of them, but I sure do love to look at them each year.

All of these cards from postcrossing folks are extra special to me this time for various reasons!  I hope you like them as much as I do. 

This amazing card came from a woman who says that her drive to work looks just like this!  I can’t even imagine!  I just hope to go somewhere someday when there is fall color like this at the same time I’m there.

This one is from Darmstadt, Germany and is the very first card she has ever sent off as part of postcrossing!  It sure made me feel lucky to get it.  It also made me wish I had put that I was sending my first card on my first card, but I don’t think I did that.  Way too late now. 

This one is officially my very favorite postcrossing postcard that I’ve gotten to date!  Just look at this beauty!  The lovely lady who sent this, drew it and watercolored it herself!  And then she mailed it to me!  What a delightful gift.  I’m telling you, I have felt the postcrossing love these last several days!

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  1. Anyes says:

    Sharon, Those postcards are so lovely and so diverse. Thank you for sharing them with us, I also love your photograph of the Japanese Persimmons, I am getting to know a bit more of Texas through your eyes 😉

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