Playing with Photos

I was on postcrossing yesterday.  Which led me to click on a link for postcards.  I’ve been having my postcards made at moo and I am exceedingly happy with them, but I would like to find an even more cost-effective way to print my postcards and greeting cards because I have visions of selling them at some point in my etsy shop.  (My etsy shop has been on vacation since Misty’s death, I hope to reopen soon.)

All of this got me to organizing my photos.  I was putting the ones the I use for postcards into their own “postcards” folder.  Then I happened to notice that my hubby had installed some kind of photo software on my computer.  I honestly have no idea what it even is, but I’m having so much fun with it!  I can — for the first time ever— crop, touch up the colors a bit, turn my photos to black and white and things like that!  Can you see me jumping up and down, twirling around and doing the Happy Dance?  I am!  I really am.  I’m also looking at my photos in a whole new way!  And you will be soon too!  In fact, you may get to see some that you’ve seen before, possibly next to the updated version.  For now though, I wanted to share this photo of my sister that I cropped out of another photo.  It was originally in color and part of one full of stuffus and our momma. 

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  1. Anyes says:

    Sharon, I can totally see you jumping up and down all the way from here 😉

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