What is on My Listing Mind Today?

I love lists.  I love that Aimee is a list maker too and has started List it Tuesday.  If you want to play along, jump on over to this post and list your link in the comment section.  I have several ideas running through my mind at the moment.  That is the problem with not posting for several days.  Since my beloved Texas Rangers lost the World Series, I could make a list of my favorite curse words.  (I’m leaning heavily toward this one at the moment.)

Halloween is on my mind since Halloween just passed.  So I could make a list of Halloween costumes from my childhood, but believe me, that would be a boring list because I was a gypsy for about 5 years running and that’s really all I can remember ever being. I loved wearing my momma’s jewelry.

I could make a list of the things I remember being said and done since I arrived at my son’s house on Friday.  Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!  We have a winner!

1.  We found out that Trick or Treating would be done on Saturday instead of Sunday in this area, so we tried on the costumes and made adjustments to them to make them fit.

2.  My grandson had been given three different costumes for his birthday earlier in the month, so he got to have fun picking and choosing who he wanted to be.  When asked: “Do you know who Super Man is” he said ” Yea, me!”.  On the big day, he wore the Batman costume.

3.  My oldest granddaughter dressed as an angel/devil and acted like one on Friday too.

4.  We played Bunco, although I’m not positive that we played it correctly.

5  On Saturday, we had ONE Trick or Treater.  None on Sunday.

6.  We played Yahtzee

7.  I read a chapter of one of the Little House on the Prairie books to my granddaughters before bed.

8.  My second granddaughter told me I “smell like gramma”.  I never know quite how to take this. I mean is that a comforting thing?  Is it a bad thing?  A good thing?  I am gramma, but I just don’t know how to take that.

9.  My son told me that he thought getting the transfer to OK was the wrong thing to do for his son.  That truly broke my heart.  I encouraged him to seek the transfer after his wife passed in March so that I could be more help to his little family.  He can’t go back.  His son is not doing as well in school here.  The teachers are not as good for him, with him, to him.  I am at a loss as to how to help either of them right now.

10.  We watched the World Series.

Which again makes me think of my list of favorite curse words.  I think dear ones, you will get a bonus list today!  In no particular order:


damn it to hell


son of a bitch


If you are still with me and would like to try to win my giveaway for my 500th post, go here and leave a comment!  You have until Friday the 5th.  I’ll be picking a winner when I return home from Oklahoma.  PS.  I left my list book at home.  I’ll be back to hand writing next week.  Promise.  Pinky swear and all that stuff.

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6 Responses to What is on My Listing Mind Today?

  1. Anyes says:

    Sharon, Sorry your favourite team lost 😦
    I can read your frustration through your curse words list…
    I pray for you and both your son and grandson to find a way to be able to help the little one to the best of your joint abilities.
    I’m glad to read you again 🙂

  2. Sugardaddy says:

    The list of curse words is far too short. I can assure everyone that Sharon’s vocabulary contains many more “colorful” words and phrases. Believe me, I’ve heard them all… repeatedly… sometimes all at once… 🙂

    As for trick-or-treating on Saturday, as opposed actually doing it on Halloween, you neglected to tell everyone why… Had something to do with the people there in Oklahoma not wanting to celebrate a “pagan” holiday on a Sunday, if I’m not mistaken. Of all the ridiculous things!!! Come on folks, it’s just Halloween. It’s not like the kids are gonna dress up in costumes and make human sacrifices while listening to Ozzie Osborne records or something. Lighten up. It’s no wonder the prevailing winds here in Texas are from the south… It’s because Oklahoma sucks!

  3. S.E.Minegar says:

    sorry your team lost! i sometimes think i’d like to post a list of curse words by category. driving curses, poor customer service curses, stuff not going my way curses…etc.

    i enjoyed reading about your weekend via list.

    i’ll be back! i’m listing again too!

  4. Sundey McClendon says:

    I laughed at that “smell like gramma” comment. I told my dad the other day that his house was starting to smell like old people and he was totally distraught by it. LOL. I’m sure she doesn’t mean the “old people” smell!

  5. Sorry your team lost (not being from the US I’ve no idea what sort of team they are or what game they play but you have my sympathies anyway!)

    Also sorry about the passing of your son’s wife – I hope your grandson’s school starts to work better for him and your son sees his transfer to be closer to you as the good thing it is.

    As for your curse list – way way too short!! Allow me to contribute some of my favourites which are of Northern Irish/Scottish descent

    Annoying people are fondly know as either gobshites, fuds or wabs
    Juvenile deliquents of the hoody wearing, attitude filled variety are known as spides, neds or smicks (no idea why by the way, they just are!!)
    When you really want someone to go away instead of just saying f*ck off you could elaborate a little and say ‘away and take a f*ck to yourself’ or ‘get to f*ck’



  6. aimee says:

    awesome list! thanks for participating!

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