Being in Oklahoma

Since I’ve been here this time, I’ve seen a group of three trees with orange leaves!  That was a beautiful thrill.  I don’t get much fall color  in my part of  Texas.  I had planned to go back the next day to photograph them until the great toll booth incident that followed on the road they were on.  I may not ever even return to that particular Barnes and Noble now and it was a good one. 

I accidentally blew through a toll booth because I didn’t know it was coming up.  (I didn’t even realize I was on a toll road!)  I was  listening to my GPS as it was telling me to “stay left” as I was going to Barnes and Noble to get the most recent issue of Artful Blogging.    (Lovely Christina of soul aperture is featured in this issue!  Winter 2011)  The toll booth was on the right.  I didn’t do much better with the toll situation coming home.  I did go to the right, but passed the bill changer.  I thought there would be a human being to make change.  I also passed the sign that said how much the toll was.  Apparently the $1.2o I threw into the bucket was not enough because all the bells and whistles went off when I went through.  I fully expect to get a large ticket in the mail soon.    Well, actually two large tickets!

Their dog, Sissy, a miniature pincher has been freezing.  I dug out a flannel pillow case that goes to the bed I use, for her to cover up with.  I have my own personal heating system for several hours each night and cannot imagine using flannel sheets, even up here, farther north.  I have a photo of this, that I’ll add when I get home.  I tried to figure out how to do it here, by myself and lost the one photo I had of my grandson in his batman costume!

Last night I saw a truck loaded with a cord of wood on its way to be delivered to someone.  Made me think of wood smoke and fireplaces or wood burning stoves and cozy little evenings all cuddled up with a book.

Tonight is granddaughter number one’s choir show!  I can’t wait.  Tomorrow I go home.  I’ve enjoyed my visit, but I miss my computer.

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