Multi Post Day

I was not able to go to the Houston International Quilt Festival this year.  I actually could have driven down after my trip to Oklahoma, but decided that I’d just rather go home.  My friend Jan volunteers at the show every year, so I asked her to look up my two haiku and write them down for me.  I had actually sent them in and then deleted them from my computer, never writing them down anywhere else.  They were accepted into the “Eye of the Quilter” exhibit of photos and haiku. 

As it turned out, it was a good thing I didn’t go down.  Jan had trouble finding my haiku.  The show opened Thursday night and closed Sunday evening.  Early on Saturday morning, before the show opened for the day, Jan happened across the woman in charge of the exhibit and asked her about my haiku.  Jan told her that she couldn’t find them.  So, they pulled out the entry book together and discovered that they were the #2 and #3 entries I had submitted.  You may recall that one of my haiku had been disqualified because I screwed up my syllable count.  As it turned out the disqualified haiku was the first one and by some fluke the other two were over looked when it came time to put the haiku on to their presentation boards to be hung in the show.  When the mistake was realized, Jan asked this sweet woman if she could fix it.  She said she would.  And she did.  Thank you Sweet Lady!  My haikus were up for Saturday and Sunday of IQA!  If Jan had not happened to ask this particular woman, my first entry into Houston IQA would not have happened.  Thank you Jan! 

Here are the haiku I had exhibited:

fabric bits on floor

sprinkled about like spring drops

add thread see what grows


me stretching myself

into the fall world of art

with my quilts to share


I’m sorry about all the extras spaces between the lines.  That is a wordpress quirk.  Drives me a little crazy that I can’t get rid of them during things like this.  The other haiku was fixed by Jan and sent to me also.  Here is our collaborative effort:


conundrum of mine

misshapen quilt pieces fly

like crisp winter leaves




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4 Responses to Multi Post Day

  1. Wysteria says:

    Great Haiku- I love to write them, I am always thinking of words and counting on my

    Good Job


  2. glad that all got worked out for you – they should’ve been displayed. I love the colors and the quilt – is that one of yours? So ‘autumn-y!’

  3. Maria says:

    What a lovely haiku. It reads softly like the cottony fabrics used in a quilt. Tis the season for all this quilting business I guess. The coziness and warmth with the cold outside. I recently interviewed a quilter extraordinaire and posted photos of some of her meticulously crafted works. Quilting to me is truly a relaxing, satisfying hobby. Thanks for sharing your haiku.

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