Stick Bug fun!

This guy was on the handrail to the stairs of my deck.  I saw him as I headed down from my bedroom to go do some more laundry yesterday.  He is nowhere near the largest stick bug I’ve seen here.  The largest one, I noticed, literally as I was driving at 55 miles an hour — it was attached to my car!  I was headed to the grocery store about 8 miles or so down the highway from here when I saw it.  That one was probably 8 or 10 inches long and was at least a 1/4 inch in diameter!  I had actually seen it before I got in the car and drove off, but I thought it was a real stick and that it would just fly off the hood of the car when I was on the road.  Then I noticed it clutching on for dear life! 

I was sure the “little” fellow would take off when I went in to store, because he was indeed big enough to hang on until we got there!  Nope.  He was still in the same spot when I came out of the store.  I debated whether or not to take him off the car there in the parking lot (no, he’d just get run over) or put him in my car for the ride back (I didn’t really know how he would react to that, didn’t want a stick bug on my face while driving).  In the end, I left him on the car and said a little prayer that he’d make it back home with me.  He did.  I got out and did a happy dance!  Then I went into the house to give him some much-needed privacy to recuperate from his ordeal. 

This little guy  in the photo is by far not the smallest of the stick bugs spotted here either.  I was sitting on the deck in a porch swing one day, when I noticed some tiny little creatures crawling about on the railing in front of me.  I moved in for a closer look and was shocked to see that they were teeny, tiny stick bugs!  Almost microscopic in size!  After seeing that huge monster granddaddy sucker, I would have never guessed in a million years that he had ever started out this small and managed to survive to be large enough to hang onto a car and take a ride!  I have no idea how fast they grow or how long they live, but it just seemed impossible to me.  These little guys weren’t any bigger than a pin head. 

The one in the photos is probably 4 inches long, but he’s really skinny.  Twig sized in diameter.

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