It’s List it Tuesday Time!

If you’d like to list it with us, just go to this post on artsyville. 

I don’t know what has exhausted me so much about my retreat, but I really have been more than a little tired.  I’ve slept and slept some more since returning home.  Another thing I’ve done is watch TV.  So, that made me think of my favorite shows.  Here is my list of the ones I DVR when I’m going to be away.  Some of them are finished for the season and I am waiting — not so patiently for them to come back on.  One ended last season and that just about did me in — Saving Grace.  I will miss that one.  I’m apparently one of the few people in the United States who doesn’t watch reality shows.

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6 Responses to It’s List it Tuesday Time!

  1. anja says:

    thanks for stopping by!love your list and most of the shows on it ( some i simply don`t know- yet:) )

  2. sue says:

    thanks for stopping by my blog. List It Tuesday is going to be fun, I think!

  3. cath c says:

    i miss saving grace, too! and thanks for stopping by in mayhem.

  4. aimee says:

    i have to say i’m totally unaware of almost all of these – i am not a tv watcher! so this was educational for me!

  5. S.E.Minegar says:

    i got addicted to weeds (no pun intended) last year. i saw two seasons on netflix and then rented the rest. we don’t have cable or tv reception, but as soon as those puppies are on dvd i’m watching the newest season. that show is crazy!

    now you’ve got me thinking about the shows i watch (the day after, online).


  6. birdie says:

    Sharon, welcome back! Sleep is good!!! I don’t watch TV at all, will you believe it? we do have one though but I don’t watch it … just sometimes a little DVD story with my son … hope you have a wonderful day!!!

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