Retreats are Exhausting!

I go to quilt retreats with three different groups of ladies, all of whom I love dearly.  If I had the money and the time, I’d go to two retreats each year with each group plus the quilt guild retreat in January, but that’s just not in the cards for me.  So, as it is, I really seldom go with one of the groups any longer.  They have their retreats at times that just don’t fit my schedule and I’m not as active in that group now.  They are the Going to Pieces group.  I still get to retreat with my Quiltingfriends group and the ones I went with last weekend, the Jane Does group.  (The photo I took of the whole group turned out a little blurry, but I used it anyway and I didn’t take as many photos this time as I normally do. )

I got there before noon on Friday and fixed up my stew to put in the oven for dinner that night.  The others started to arrive shortly after I got that done. 

We each worked on our own projects and had lots of fun talking and visiting with each other.  I made a lot of progress on a memorial quilt that is very late in getting to the person it’s going to.  I’ll be so glad to get it done!  I tried to work on some wallets for my granddaughters, but I flubbed them up.  That will be on another list for another day. 

On Saturday, we usually take a little break and eat lunch out and sometimes visit a local shop.  Lunch out is when I decided to do my random act of kindness to celebrate World Kindness Day.  Women have a reputation as horrible tippers and when a waitress sees a group of 8 women come in, I’m sure they moan to themselves!  They never show it though, not if they are a good waitress.  So, our waitress took good care of all of us.  When it was time to go, I slipped a large tip on the table and told the young woman I was talking to at the time, not to say anything about it.  That it was my act of kindness for the day.  Fortunately, the other young woman sitting on the other side of me, quietly got my attention later and quietly asked it I meant to leave that amount.  Yes, I told her, I did.  She had been in a conversation earlier with someone else so I couldn’t tell her what was up.  I may try to start doing this whenever I’m with a group of 6 or more women.  Just to kind of throw a kink in the “bad tipper” image we have.  If you would like to read about the other random acts of kindness, go here and here                

The lovely young woman on the right celebrated her birthday on retreat! 

Kari, we missed you!

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  1. Kari says:

    I missed you guys too! I wish I could have been there.

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