Really Big Bird

My hubby took Barkley and Katie out yesterday — midday — to do their business.  As soon as they walked out the door they came pretty much face to face with a really big bird in our dog pen.  We used the pen when the dogs were pups and with Katie since she got out of the yard a while back and killed our neighbors chickens.  The pen is about 20 feet by 20 feet square and 6 feet tall.  The really big bird was so big that it couldn’t just fly away once the dogs started toward it.  It went into defence mode and spread its wings — which my hubby said were a longer span than his arms spread out wide!   Fortunately, Katie was on a leash.  The gate closest to the really big bird in the pen was closed and hubby was able to close the other gate before Barkley realized it was open.  Hubby said the really big bird would have killed them both! 

After hubby had both dogs safely back in the house, he watched the really big bird.  He said it took the bird a while to figure out how to maneuver his large body in the pen to be able to jump up on top of the pen.  After that, it was able to fly away with no problems. 

When hubby first told me about the bird, he described it as a big hawk.  When he mentioned the wing span, I told him that was no hawk, it was probably an eagle.  We have Bald eagles and Golden eagles in the area.  Then he said it had feathers on its feet.  That helped me figure out which eagle our visitor was.  It was indeed a Golden Eagle!  Wow!  I sure wish I had been handy with the camera!

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