Postcrossing Love and Postcards

It’s been a while since I’ve shared the postcards I’ve gotten from Postcrossing members.  I thought today would be a good day to catch up some and show you a few of the ones I’ve received.  I had no idea it had been so long!  It must have been though, because I have 10 postcards that I have not shared yet!  I think I’ll just share part of them and save the rest for next time. 

This first one is from Joanna in Poland.  She is an English teacher and likes to travel, read, write, listen to music, watch sports and documentaries and collect postcards! 

The second one is from Isabel, who is 12 and has 2 dogs, just like I do.  Her dogs names are Chester and Odessa.  She found this postcard interesting and hoped I would too.  I did!  I love bears (especially from a respectable distance) and found it very fun.   Click the photo to enlarge and read.

The third one is so sweet!  The momma wrote something in pencil at the bottom that was obliterated by the machines at the post office, but the majority of the postcard was written by a little child.  I think the name of the child is Marseny.  Marseny says “I’ll go to school next year.”  Just precious!   

The fourth one is from the Netherlands.  The images shown on the postcard are from the south-west part of the Netherlands.  I love postcards like this, that show different areas of where the person is from.  I really do!  I wish I could show you the stamps on some of these cards!  Maybe I could take photos of them and crop them tightly so that’s all that can be seen. 

The fifth one is from Jennifer in Oregon.  I believe she is also a quilter.  She says this is her favorite time of year with all the rain and snow on its way and that she can’t wait for winter!  I’m really glad she lives where she lives and I live where I live.  I don’t think I could take that kind of weather without losing my mind!  I love the card though!  Beautiful!  Maybe a short visit there one day would be nice.

I got the sixth one when I was in Oklahoma and I was just dying to see it in person after hubby described it to me.  Fortunately, the sender had already put a photo of it up on postcrossing!  So, I got to see it right away.  It came from Finland.  I was lucky enough to go to Finland once.  Unfortunately it was when I was a stupid teenager, newly in love.  I didn’t appreciate it as much as I should have.  I wish I could have gone in the fall, but even in the summer, Finland is beautiful.

More later.  Maybe tomorrow.

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