Yesterday, my hubby taught me how to mow on our riding mower.  I’d never used it before.  I thought I did pretty good, all things considered.  I didn’t run into any fences or over any trees that we wanted to keep.  I didn’t roll the machine over or run over any living thing and I didn’t make the mower stall out.  Like I said, I did pretty good.  I wasn’t exactly dressed for mowing, but that’s how it goes.  I wanted to share this photo of myself after I got off the mower.  I am filthy!  Covered with the all things itchy that came flying at me as I mowed.  I do not like this photo.  It shows exactly how overweight I am, which is something I am constantly aware of, but try desperately not to “see”.   I gave up drinking Cokes last Sunday and now I’m trying to see myself as I really am.  Little steps in a long process. 

Hubby and I each mowed about half of our huge yard.  I don’t know how many acres it is.  Then he cut branches off our cedar tree by the driveway and I hauled them out of the way.  People will be able to drive in without scratching their cars now and will actually be able to see the house for the yard.

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  1. birdie says:

    to be honest with ourselves is the first step into living a better lives … I do like the picture of you 🙂 you look decided and content with the work you have done … 🙂
    good job on the mowing it looks like a very big machine! happy we!

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