Here’s my List for List it Tuesday

Well, I actually have two lists for you today.  I have a list of countries that I have gotten postcards from and that I’ve sent postcards to because of postcrossing.  I’ve put the postcards I’ve gotten on the blog so if you want to see them, you can put “postcards” in the search box that’s over to the right.  I’ve gotten over 30 now! 

List it Tuesday is the brainchild of Aimee over at artsyville.  Feel free to join in and leave a link on her blog posting here

I’m sorry that both of my lists are so sloppy today.  I thought I could just jot them down and be on my way.  I should be at the store and cleaning a this moment!  You know — getting ready for visitors and Thanksgiving!  When I hurry, I screw things up.  I feel the need for more time, but there just isn’t any.  I’m also craving a Coke, but I’m not going to do that either.  So, here is a toast of water to a great Thanksgiving holiday to you all in the United States and to a great week to everyone, everywhere.  The next break I take, I’ll tell you about some of my most favorite Thanksgiving holidays!

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4 Responses to Here’s my List for List it Tuesday

  1. Whew I know the feeling of impending, well, everything just dropping down on your for the holidays! I think you list matches where your mind is at right now which is really the point yeah? But seriously, take five minutes when you can to breathe and think some good thoughts-I’m sure your holidays will be picture perfect!

  2. cath c says:

    how neat! i’m having jetsetting fantasies now…

  3. Bonnie says:

    What a neat idea !! I love it !

    This is my first week playing and my list IS HERE

  4. Asiye says:

    uuuhhh i love your lists. i am going to head over to post crossings. i love sending and recieving snail mail. if you would like to recieve a postcard from south africa, email me your address
    happy list it tuesday

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