As Usual…..

I’m a little late and trying to play catch up.  I wanted to show you some of the things I’ve listed today in my etsy shop.  Also, I’m having a sale!  After all, times are tough, money is tight for everyone.  My hubby has a job this holiday season.  He did not last year at this time.  I feel very blessed and I want to pass on a little love in that area.  So, if you see anything you want in my shop, use the coupon code CHAOS1214 to get a 20% discount through December 14th, 2010.  I’m going to be continuing to add new items over the next several days and I’ll be making new things to add also.  Each thing is on sale, even the things I haven’t put in there yet!   Don’t worry, I’m going as fast as I can. 

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  1. hey girlfriend!! I’m very, very behind in checking in on my fave blogs. I so love seeing what’s going on w/you. Your jewelry is beautiful! I gotta check our Etsy place. just wanted to say hey & let you know I’m still our here! 🙂

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