Let’s Be the Village

Let’s be the Village


Have I told you lately how much I love Se’Lah over at the blog Necessary Room?  She is an amazingly caring, loving person with a heart of gold.   She and a friend have set up an Amazon wish list to give toys to the children of 4 needy families in her area.  This is after calling to see what the children had asked for for Christmas.  Please go here to read her posting to see what they had actually asked for.  Being a mother and grandmother, it made me puddle up.  Every child in this country, in this world deserves to have the basics.  And a little magic once a year — Lord knows we all need that, but children deserve it, I think more than anyone on earth.  I have gone to Amazon and picked out a small token to have delivered to Se’Lah for a child.  If I’m able, I’ll go pick out another.  I hope that you will pick out one too.  I know Se’Lah and trust her.  She will do right by these kiddos and by us with the toys we send her for them.  Let’s be the village they need this year and give them a little magic.  You will not regret it. 

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3 Responses to Let’s Be the Village

  1. Anyes says:

    Sharon, Bless your heart 🙂

  2. Se'lah says:

    What an honour it is to be in your presence, Sharon! You have a heart of gold. Thanks so much for joining the village…I am really thankful for everyone’s support and help.

    one love.

  3. Chris says:

    “Every child in this country, in this world deserves to have the basics. And a little magic once a year,” oh how true Sharon! Se’Lah is great isn’t she. Definitely an angel. BTW, thanks for your comment recently on my blog. Much appreciated.

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