It’s Tuesday and I have a List!

I’m actually working from a list today, so this one is nothing fancy or fun.  Actually there are two lists.  One is a “to do” list of things I need to do over the next two days.  The other is a list of things I need to be sure I take with me to OK when I go later this week.  You may be wondering about the “guns?” listed on the OK list.  Well, my son has some shotguns that he left here when he lived on base in CA.  Now that he’s in OK, he doesn’t live on base any longer and he can have his guns with him again.  I’m just not totally sure I’ll have room to take them up with me this trip.  Be sure to check out artsyville to see all the lists of the people playing along with Aimee and the rest of us this week.  All you have to do is leave a comment with a link to your post in the comment section of the post I’ve linked to. 

Today is the last day of my etsy sale.  It ends at midnight central time.  If you have not had a chance to check it out, please do by clicking here.  If you want to purchase something, you can get a 30% discount by using this code HCRB1214 at checkout.  The code listed in my shop announcement will only give you 20%.  I gave an additional 10% to those who read my blog. 

Have a great week!  I’m done beading for a few days.  Getting ready to go to OK to see my son and grandkids for Christmas!  One thing I’ll be working on when I return is gift certificates.

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4 Responses to It’s Tuesday and I have a List!

  1. pamq says:

    Well, your lists are much shorter than the ones I always come up with when I am getting ready for a trip…..

    It is just CRAZY.

    I am a list maker and have been for as long as I can remember.

    I have it down to a science.

    And I am very glad to see that you have sewing stuff on your list!


  2. storybeader says:

    well, the guns had me worried there…. and more than one? Have fun on your trip – sounds like you’re visiting family. {:-Deb, from Lawton

  3. Tina says:

    Good thing you clarified; all I saw was “greens?”. Seemed pretty festive to me!

  4. Se'lah says:

    Hope you have a wonderful time with your son and the grandchildren. I’ll be thinking of you all. Lots of love and positive vibes being sent your way.

    one love.

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