So Busy! So Fun!

First let me say that it’s good to be online again for a bit.  I hope to have some photos for you soon.  At this point, I don’t know how to add them to any of the computers my son has. 

I ran into just a tiny bit of rain and sleet on my drive up to Oklahoma last week.  It was really rather odd.  The farther I went north, the colder it got.  Then the rain and sleet.  Then the farther north I continued, the warmer and drier it became.  No big problems like I had worried I might run into. 

I met the new doggie when I got here.  He’s a black German Shepherd rescue named Gabriel.  Really sweet and well-trained.  He was obviously loved and cared for.  I feel for the folks who had to give him up because I’m sure they did not do it out of choice but out of necessity or hardship.  He’s about a year and a half old, has not fully grown into his body and can rest his chin on the kitchen table if he really wants to.  He is discouraged from doing this, of course.  Sissy, the 10-year-old miniature pincher, seems to have gotten used to him, although I don’t know that she’s really happy with him yet. 

On Saturday, we drove to a Christmas Tree Farm to cut a Christmas tree.  A first for the kids.  The tree farm I picked had Blue Spruce!  I sure was hoping my son would pick one of them since they are my favorite Christmas tree, but it was not to be.  Honestly, I don’t know what type of tree he did pick.  I’d never seen it before.  Something that is not grown in my part of Texas or shipped there for sale, is all I can tell you.  It is a pretty little tree, but it has flimsy branches and doesn’t hold the ornaments well if you don’t put them well back on the branch. 

The girls pretty much decorated the tree themselves.  Their brother helped a bit every once in a while.  Of course this was after their dad had put the tree in the stand and put the lights on it.  White lights, my favorite!  It sure looks pretty.  I had intended to bring ornaments to them that I had been saving all of their lives for them, but somehow never quite got around to getting them into the car.  So, I took the girls to Hallmark after we finished the tree.  I let them pick out their own ornament for this year and pick one out for their brother.  They each hung up their ornament when we got them home. 

On Sunday, my sweet son took all of us over to Stroud to eat at the Rock Cafe.  They have buffalo burgers and I was craving one!  When you can’t eat beef and you want a burger — a REAL burger — buffalo is the way to go.  My son got one too.  He wasn’t impressed.  I loved mine.  It was lots of fun and a great little outing. 

We’ve played Yhatzee a few times too.  I’ve recorded a few Christmas movies.  Tonight we’re all planning to watch True Grit with John Wayne.  I love that old movie and my son and his kids have never seen it.  We’ve done some Christmas shopping too, of course. 

I’ve even managed to do a crafty thing.  Yesterday, I ripped apart an old home-made wool swing coat that I never liked and felted to wool.  I may need to wash the wool one more time, but when I finish, I plan to make Christmas stockings out of the wool. 

More soon.  Merry Christmas!

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  1. Anyes says:

    Sharon, it looks like there was a lot happening! I am sure the girls had lots of fun choosing their tree ornaments. I wish you a Merry Christmas together with your beautiful family.

  2. pamq says:

    Merry Christmas, Sharon!

    Enjoy your visit—sounds great so far!

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