Are YOU on Postcrossing?

I am signed up on postcrossing.  It is a postcard “crossing” project.  You send a postcard to someone somewhere across the globe and somewhere, someone is sending you one.  An identifying number is given to you when the address is given to you.  You put the number on the postcard and when the person gets the card, they log in the card so that you know that they have gotten it.  When they get it and log it in, you are freed up to get another address so that you can send another card.  You are limited to how many cards you can send at any time.  As you send more cards and they are received, you can send more cards.  I am up to seven in the mail at a time now.  I’ve been doing this for 5 months now.  At this time, postage for overseas stamps is 98 cents and 28 cents within the United States.  Of course, I’ve heard that the postage will probably go up after the first of the year. 

When I first started doing this, I couldn’t find postcards for love nor money.  I looked everywhere that I had seen them in the past, but couldn’t find them locally any longer.  I started having my own printed from my photography for this very reason.   I love the great quality and looks of my postcards, but even I think they are a little pricy for as often as I want to use them.  Saying that is probably not a great selling tactic for them.  Step right this way Ladies and Gentlemen — I have postcards for sale in my etsy shop.  Just click on the button on the right in my sidebar!  They can be mailed or framed — your choice, same great price!

Now, I am constantly on the lookout for postcards wherever I go.  I found quite a few on my recent trip to Oklahoma.  I’m still not finding as many in Texas as I would like.  Maybe I just haven’t found the right place yet. 

If you go to postcrossing and want to see all of the postcards I’ve sent or received, check out my profile under — iamenough.  I did not sign up for private postcard swaps, but if you are also on postcrossing and would like to swap postcards, just leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you with my mailing address and ask for yours.  Be sure that you mention the blog exchange when you send your card so I don’t think it’s a postcrossing card and I’ll do the same when I send mine to you. 

Even if  you don’t want to exchange cards, I’d really love to see your wall of postcards on postcrossing.  So, please tell me your username.  I’ve shared mine.  We can each find each other’s wall by going to “explore” and then “search users”.  Fun!

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