Computer Problems

My computer died last night, just as I was about to try to answer blog comments that I’ve gotten over the last week or so.  The power supply has gone bad.  I’m using my hubby’s computer right now, but I don’t like to use his computer.  It doesn’t have all of my stuff on it.  We’ve ordered a new power supply, but it’s not due to arrive until the 3rd of January!  I’m not overly happy about that.

Doggie News:  Our dog Barkley has grown so much that we’re about to have to cut his choke chain collar off of him!  Yikes!  That is scary.  Glad we noticed it in time, but wish we had noticed it earlier.  I’m going to have to take him to the vet this week.  He’s limping and is apparently having some major back problems.  He yelps if he thinks that Katie is going to jump on it. 

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before or not, but we have wild hogs on our property now.  They’ve become a big problem all over rural Texas and I’m sure in other states as well.  We have a neighbor who runs horses and cows on our place, so he’s put a hog trap on the place and has caught a few.  Well, on Friday morning Barkley found a baby pig inside our fenced yard and chased it out!  He tried to catch it, but couldn’t.  The pig was too fast.  It just barely fit through the holes in the fencing.  They are rather large and rectangular.  I sure do hope that doesn’t happen again.  I’ll let you know what happens at the vet, but I probably won’t be posting as often from hubby’s computer.  Then again, you just never know what I’ll do.

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