I Sorely Miss my Computer


I sorely miss my computer.  I never would have thought I’d say that, much less feel it!  Early in my marriage, I thought of computers as “the other woman”.  My hubby spent so much time with his and I didn’t know a thing about them.  Now, well — I want mine fixed!  The much-needed part is now two days late.  Yesterday, hubby’s computer was down too.  I almost went nuts! 

I did take my photos, even though I couldn’t post them.  I also pulled out the sewing machine I had loaned my daughter-in-law 10 years ago.  She had never used it.  I got it back to my home after she passed and the family moved close enough for me to drive my own car to visit them.   Now, you folks who do not sew (and some of you who do) may think I’m crazy when I tell you this, but most of my sewing machines have names!  Sarah is the one I got back.  She is a Singer Featherweight 221 and she literally hums when she runs.  She was the 2nd machine I ever owned.  My first machine was a Brother that was bought for me as a gift by my momma.  I wore out a plastic part in the Brother and it could not be repaired.  I bought Sarah when I was at the Houston Quilt Festival with my friend Catherine one year.  Maybe I’ll introduce you to all of my machines soon and show you photos of them.  I have 2 featherweights, a Singer 301 (she is unnamed) and a used Viking 500. 

Since I had my Sarah out, I oiled her and made sure she was working.  Then I started sewing.  I started on a miniature string art quilt that I’m going to add “stuff” to.  It will probably be donated to the Quilter’s Guild of Dallas’ live Miniature Quilt Auction for Quilt Celebration on Saturday 3/12 of this year.  So far there are 9 blocks done.  I also pulled out my art quilt “Grief” that I started after  the deaths of my daughter-in-law and sister last year.  It’s been in a basket for several months.  I’m not exactly sure what I’ll be doing with it just yet, although there are three possibilities running through my head. 


A quick note about the photos posted today.  I took 16 photos of myself yesterday.  All 15 of the others are facing the other way so that they need to be turned to show correctly on the blog.  I can’t do that right now on hubby’s computer.  There is a problem.  So,  you get the one that is shown, as my photo for yesterday.  My official photo for today is pretty bad.  The sky is so grey and again, I couldn’t crop or do anything with what I had  because of the computer issues I’m having.  So, you get to see my City Hall, basically the heart of my little downtown area in this sad shot.  It was also difficult to get the shot of “Grief”.  That was the best of five on it. 

I’ll be back to answering comments as soon as my own computer is running again.  Hope to be able to post with you tomorrow.  Much love……

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3 Responses to I Sorely Miss my Computer

  1. charlane says:

    hope your computer issues are fixed soon!! i know that is very frustrating

  2. Relyn says:

    Of course you may give my advice to your granddaughters. I’d be honored. However, I am extremely sorry to hear that you lost your daughter or daughter-in-law. I think there is probably no hurt like losing a daughter or a mother. I am so sorry.

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