One at a Time

Let me introduce you today to Sarah.  My first Singer Featherweight sewing machine.  She weighs 11 pounds and is made of all metal pieces.  She was made in the early to mid 1930’s and is older than my parents!  I love that!  She is a workhorse, as all featherweights are.  Those of us who love them know this.  We know that their light weight makes them a delight to take to a class, workshop or retreat.  We know that they hum when the sew.  We know that they sew a great stitch, but only sew forward and in reverse.  There are no fancy stitches to a FW.  FW is the common abbreviation we use for these machines. 


They stopped making these machines in the 1960’s so they are all used.  They are sought after by quilters and can be quite collectible.  Some folks buy them and then have them repainted in colors such as red, purple or pink.  Someone who truly collects them would say that repainting them like that ruins their value.  Of course that is debatable to those who flock around a purple FW and wonder where they can find one also! 

Sarah has lived a very busy life.  You can tell that by the fact that most of her gold trim is gone and so is her shiny finish.  There are a couple of spots that she’s even missing paint.   She’s been used a lot by someone over the years and then totally neglected the last 10 years.  The photos even show what looks like a bit of rust.  I’ll have to check to see if it really is rust.  That just won’t do.   I want my granddaughters or grandson to be able to use Sarah if they so desire.  I want to use her myself until I can’t any longer.  She is a joy to sew with. 

I’ll introduce you to the rest of the gang in the coming days and weeks.

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6 Responses to One at a Time

  1. charlane says:

    hello miss – i remember my grandmother’s and wonder where it is now. as a child i used to love to peddle the threadle while sitting and staring out the window.

  2. pamq says:

    Cool machine!

    I have my Mom’s old “New Home” cabinet machine that her parents bought for her around 1950.

    It sews forward and backward only.

    But it really sews!

    At least it did the last time I used it.

    Which is way, way, way too long ago!

  3. Georgianna says:

    How very charming she is! I agree about repainting them – they are quite perfect with the wear of years showing.

    Thank you for so much your visit to my blog. The lights aren’t heart-shaped. It’s a heart-shaped filter for the camera lens that turns points of lights into hearts. You can make your own out of black paper. I also use a Lensbaby. (

    Hope this helps and thank you again for your kind words. Happy New Year! – g

  4. Chris says:

    Oh if this FW could only talk about the people who’ve used her. Love her name. Also love old things. I have my late mother-in-law’s hand-driven sewing machine and I love it! It’s a wonderful reminder of a wonderful woman who treated me like the daughter she never had.

  5. brenda aunt says:

    Happy Birthday—-I remember you as a little girl still.

  6. Relyn says:

    Oh, I just love old sewing machines. They are so very beautiful. Happy new year, too, my friend. May it bring you everything you dream of.

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