Sunday Afternoon….


It’s snowing here today.  Not exactly what I had expected.  I knew there was a small chance of it, but still, I did not expect it to actually snow and stick.  It’s also quite cold.  Makes me even more grateful that my hubby got our heater working earlier in this month. 

I took today’s photo of the snow falling.  Big, fat, wet flakes of snow plopping down on the deck I was standing on.  This is my ninth day of the 365 photo challenge.  I have managed to take a photo each day and I’ve dated them and posted them on this blog.  I’ll continue to do that, even if I can’t post them daily during my visits to Oklahoma.  I like the black and white look of this one.  It’s the natural color of the photo. 

Now, I’m going to crawl into something warm and read a bit.  I found my book on Singer Featherweight sewing machines yesterday and I also got a book that is authored by the leader of the online class I’ll be taking starting tomorrow.  The book is The Gifts of Imperfection.  The online class is with Mondo Beyondo and is the Winter Dream Lab and also called the Gifts of Imperfection

Enjoy your Sunday and your coming week! 

*The FW book in the link is a newer version than the one in my photo.

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  1. charlane says:

    it is sleeting here – we’re on the edge with the ice instead of the snow. i just don’t want the power to go off.

    hope you stay cozy and warm – beautiful shot

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