Ominous feeling


I have this ominous feeling that nothing is going to go right for my granddaughter’s birthday tomorrow.  I realized this afternoon that I didn’t know what kind of cake she had decided on.  When I finally got to ask her, she said she still wants a white cake with white frosting and roses.  OK.  I’ve never made a frosting rose in my life, but we’ll see what happens. 

Her dad had told me that he’d found a place to go ice skating and it is half price after 7:30 PM, so that’s when we had planned to go.  I decided I would take the birthday girl out to lunch, just the two of us since we weren’t really partying until nighttime.  Then she told me she wants to go roller skating instead of ice skating.  That was news to both of us!


She also said, at one point, that she’s getting her hair highlighted for one of her birthday gifts!  A dark-haired ten-year old?  Getting highlights?  I think that’s a bad idea myself.  And I didn’t hesitate to share that particular thought with her father.  I don’t know if she’s getting highlights now or not, but if not, I’m sure it’s my fault.   I’ll let you know how it all goes.  Keep those fingers and toes crossed. 

*The photos have absolutely nothing to do with this post.  The photo on 1/13 is of part of downtown Dallas, Texas as I was heading to interstate 35.  The photo on 1/14 is of the Oklahoma capital as I was driving past.  Yes, I was driving when I took the photos.  Yes, I know it was not smart.  No, I did not look through the viewfinder while I took the photo.  I just stuck the camera up and shot.  This is what I got (they have been cropped).

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3 Responses to Ominous feeling

  1. pamq says:

    everything is crossed………

    good luck!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. charlane says:

    i do that with the camera too!! hope the day went well

  3. Anyes says:

    Good luck for everything! Have a great week-end 🙂

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